martedì, agosto 21, 2007

Aggregate different feeds with Yahoo pipes

Having different blogs (with different goals) is quite natural, but sometime you want to assemble them together.

To achieve this you can go with an aggregator either the fat client solution (I use RSSBandit), or on internet (I use Bloglines).

Sometime you want to have a unique blog that mix them together.

This article explains exactly what I want to achieve.

So I decided to use Yahoo Pipes to get the mixed blog.

I quickly get an account and write my first pipe named "FeedMix".

From the source toolbar on the left I dragged a couple of "Fetch-Feed" source and enter the blogs URLs. Beware that you must enter the RSS or ATOM feed URL. If you are unsure of what the correct URL is, you could use the "Feed Auto-Discover" source to get the valid URL of your feed. In the bottom pane the URL will be displayed.

When you're done with all your feeds just put a "Union" operator from the "Operators" toolbox on the left. Drag a line from the "Fetch-Feed" shape handle to the "Union" for each feed.

Then I would like that all feeds were ordered by published date. Also from the "Operators" toolbox I dragged a "Sort" operator, connected with the "Union" shape and then to the "Pipe Output".

The pipe url is

The aggregated feed is (english and italian)

That's all